Aborigines representation in Australian film industry

I´ve never been to Australia but I have a great interest in it. Specially about the Aborigenes in there. Specially after watching the films by Rolf de Heer I´ll be talking about in the lines below. Last year I was despretenciously looking  for something to watch when I read some commentaries about this film in... Continue Reading →


Como trabalhar em hostels pelo mundo (em 2018)?

De 2010 pra cá o conceito de hostel se popularizou bastante no Brasil e, pessoalmente, acho que isso revolucionou o modo de viajar das pessoas.  Esse tipo de hospedagem traz muitas vantagens, não só financeiramente mas social e culturalmente também. Quanta gente acabamos conhecendo? Quantos rolês maravilhosos a gente não faz graças à alguém do... Continue Reading →

How did I learn six languages?

Today I'll be sharing with those who may be interested my personal relation with the six languages I currently speak/study. This blog is meant to be written in different languages as a way to practice writting skills as well as to be in contact with more people. It serves also as an advice to people... Continue Reading →

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