Beijing Tales

Beijing, first Friday night of my journey in China.I was reunited with two old friends from Brazil who have been living in this magical city for ages and their friends : Picture a 20 square meters suite with young people from Brazil, Canada, Nigeria, Germany and Hawai having Chinese beer with Korean liquor and French wine. Talks were going from what each of us were doing in China and what were out life projects passing by sharing funny memes and telling funny stories about Tinder dates and other typical subjects of our generation. The smoking area was the small bathroom of the suite, which was quite a sauna and where we were in four, five people each time. There were great conversations going on in there and one of those caught my full attention : (Names and specific facts were changed)

A very sweet western girl who had been living in Bj for the past 10 years is in a happy relationship. A relationship with a pretty Chinese woman. Both are on their 30’s, healthy, have a nice comfortable life and they have everything to be a normal couple except for the fact that the Chinese Pretty Lady (aka CPL), is married. When WG (for Western Girl) told us that, I was like “Ok, why not, a polygamic couple” but the fact is : CPL’s wife does not know her wife has been dating the WG for nearly one year and a half. Well, she was aware of this close friendship two years ago in occasion of their own three-some days but since then, it has been pretty secret and clandestin. At this first polemical information the entire sauna started paying more attention and WG (for Wertern Girl) went on : she told us how in love both of them are and how it was not only complicated because CPG had a wife but also because her family were pushing her a lot to have a baby soon. With…her…husband. As I could understand the husband is gay so it is convenient for him as well and at the moment the two women are trying to have a baby.

CPL is in many relationships. Two as a wifey and one as a torrid lover. We wonder how this can be possible? No one knows but the thing is that in China – for what I can tell – marriages and values can be pretty different from the ideas in Western and often in the wealthy circles marriages are not necessarily a matter of love and affection.

The girl doesn’t care for the other two partners as she knows CPG has feelings only for her and she understands the role each one of them must play in this society. Only thing that seemed worry her that night was the fact she was moving next day for she had to leave our litlle party early – She was moving from CPL/wife buiding : Yes, last but not least information was that they have been living all in the same building for months, the western living two or three floors below. Why not? Whatever make them happy.

Wish the best for the two lovely girls.

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